Ken Wingate - Writer
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Sisters in Crime
          Sisters in Crime is an organization of 3600 members in 50 chapters world-wide, offering networking, advice, and support to mystery authors. Sisters in Crime are authors, readers, publishers, agents, booksellers, and librarians bound by their affection for the mystery genre and their support of mystery writers. Sisters in Crime was founded by Sara Paretsky and a group of women at the 1986 Bouchercon in Baltimore. Its purpose is to promote the ongoing advancement, recognition, and professional development of crime writers.

           I joined Sisters in Crime (men are referred to as “Misters”) because it lives up to its purpose. The members take writing seriously. Sisters in Crime provides excellent resources to help writers develop their craft. It provides a means for them to grow and gain confidence in a nurturing community of peers. I encourage anyone who desires to write to join. It is the best thing you can do for your craft.

          I belong to the local chapter of Sisters in Crime called Mystery by the Sea. To find out more about this chapter click here

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