Writing Updates

My Friend Frank


 Non-Fiction - Rewrite

personal interest - memoir

I met Frank on May 8, 2008. Our friendship literally altered my life. I want the world to know his story.

My Friend Frank is a true story about a man who impacted the lives of his co-workers and me by his courage and character while facing pancreatic cancer. Frank was a husband, father, co-worker, and confidant who in 2008 moved his family from Madagascar to the United States in order for them to have a better life. Frank touched the hearts of all who knew him with his quiet grace and strong work-ethic. My hope is that the story of Frank will be an inspiration to all who read it.

My Friend Frank is not just another story about a cancer victim. Frank’s journey will challenge and encourage you as you read of his life and legacy.


"Living in a world of seemingly endless dissension, we often forget that the human spirit is capable of great endurance, generosity, and compassion. In My Friend Frank, Ken Wingate reminds us that these qualities are essential to a life well-lived and that life is a journey that must be shared. His book testifies to the goodness of a friend who gives much and who receives much more in return. I strongly encourage you to read his story if you are seeking meaning and inspiration for yourself and for those around you."

Judith Morgan, Educator (English and American Literature) 

Within This Circle


Fiction - Short Story - Published

murder mystery

Charles Worthington is certain he will obtain the promotion he has so long desired. When he doesn’t, a succession of four deaths and an exposed love affair plunge him toward a path of self-destruction.

"Within This Circle" is a short story included in the anthology Virginia is for Mysteries II. It is published by Koehler Books and is now on sale at Amazon.

Into the Fire

 Fiction - Short Story - Being Edited

murder mystery

Coming soon to an anthology near you!

Friday's Jewelry

Fiction - Short Story - Published


Every woman has a favorite set of jewelry. Zoey’s favorite set, given to her by her grandmother, has a special purpose. When the set of jewelry disappears, Zoey enlists life-long friend Skyler to help her find it. 

"Friday's Jewelry" is a short story included in the anthology 50 Shades of Cabernet. It is published by Koehler Books and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your local book stores.

Five for Freedom - The Chronicles of Alvada Caldrone


Fiction - Novel Trilogy - In Progress

mystery - suspense

 Alvada Caldrone was born for this moment in history. She embraces this chapter of her life knowing it is her destiny. Let the game begin.


Fiction - Novel - Outlined

futuristic fiction - murder mystery - suspense

Danielle’s niece, Emily, stands alone in her expertise for the FBI. She is the best in her department that investigates unexplained causes of death. Now she faces the most perplexing set of deaths she has ever encountered. Are these deaths to become her first unsolved case?

The Trilogy

Fiction - Novel Trilogy - In Creative Stage

factual fiction - mystery - suspense

The story of life as it is seen from a being who knows what has been, what is, and what will be. 

The Man That I Am

Fiction - Short Story - Completed

personal interest - life lessons


Motivational speaker, Phillip Strath, is about to give the most transparent speech of his life. At seventy years old, he will share for the first time in his career, the sordid past that has made him so successful.

Life and Funerals

Fiction - Short Story - Completed

personal interest - life lessons


From the funerals he has attended, Jonathan has learned how precious life is. He has passed those lessons on to his children and grandchildren. Life is to be embraced and lived to its fullest. 

I Can Live With This

Fiction - Short Story - Completed



Billy, Matt, and Johnny have a secret. It is a secret that will destroy their friendship and much more.

Contentment is just around the corner...